Micropower Corporation

About MICROPOWER Corporation

A member of the Æon Group of Companies, Micropower Corporation was established by M. Larry Edwards, its current Chairman and CEO, as an electric utility company to build and operate power generation facilities and distribution networks around the globe.

Micropower is the only company in the world that is focusing all of its energy in the development, manufacture, and marketing of unique DC power products - from lighting to power generation/distribution and motorized appliances. Micropower Corporation stands at the same point today, relative to the revolution now occurring in the power industry, that Microsoft occupied at the genesis of the microcomputer revolution which propelled it to its present global dominance in information technology and changed lives worldwide forever. >>Read more

Board of Directors

M Larry Edwards, Chairman
Dr. Mike E. O'Neal



Chairman & CEO        

Mr. Edwards is a visionary entrepreneur and technology developer who has accumulated over 40 years of business experience in the U.S. and abroad.  Recognized as a leader in economic diplomacy, he is a noted authority and speaker on issues of global trade and development - particularly with regards to emerging economies. He is Founder of the Æon Group of Companies, and is a member of MENSA International.

For many years Mr. Edwards operated a successful public relations and marketing firm in Hawaii, which specialized in tourism and real estate development projects.  In 1980 he moved to The Philippines, where his business activities included establishment of a marketing network throughout Southeast Asia for a major U.S. soft contact lens manufacturer and subsequent organization of a lens manufacturing joint venture for that company; production of the first photovoltaic panels ever assembled in the country; establishment of the leading manufacturer of emergency lighting; and development of a revolutionary uninterruptible lighting system, forerunner of the present Æon DC continuous power system.

Mr. Edwards' understanding of the global market and technological vision have brought about significant breakthroughs in the lighting and energy fields, for which six separate patents have been issued in the United States and in more than 20 countries around the world. He is recognized for pioneering the application of energy-efficient DC power to commercial buildings in the U. S. since 1992 - many years before it became an accepted standard within the industry.

Today the Æon Group includes the following companies:

  • Æon Holdings LLC
  • Æon Corporation - the Group's flagship company
  • Æon Research LLC [a joint venture with Oklahoma Christian Investment Corporation]
  • Æon Technologies, Inc. - designs and develops engineered products and systems
  • Micropower Corporation - microgrid utility company [power generation and distribution]
  • Æon Laboratories, Inc. - environmental chemicals and equipment
  • Æon Software, Inc. - development of advanced internet and security software
  • Æon Corporation Rwanda
  • Æon Tanzania Ltd.
  • U.S. - Rwanda Development Group

Mr. Edwards was invited to Rwanda by President Paul Kagame and Minister of State for Energy Albert Butare in 2006, expressly to introduce Æon's proprietary technologies in power and construction to the country. Mr. Edwards became the first foreign citizen ever invited to the annual Presidential Retreat in February 2007, where he was asked to present Æon technologies to all cabinet members, provincial governors, major city mayors, and industrial CEOs. Subsequently Æon Corporation Rwanda was established as a headquarters for company activities in Central and Eastern Africa.

In March of 2007, Mr. Edwards was selected by the U. S. State Department and USAID to be keynote speaker of the annual Central Africa AGOA conference in Kigali, Rwanda. This resulted in establishment of a Rwanda chapter of the Global Fusion Institute, which Mr. Edwards founded in 2005 as a global network for establishment of secure and harmonious cultural, educational, and economic relationships.

He is a graduate of the University of Hawaii with a B.A. degree in Asian Studies, and has served as a member of the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team and a board member of Sister Cities of Oklahoma City.

CFO, Treasurer & Director

Now president-emeritus of Oklahoma Christian University, Dr. Mike O'Neal during his 10-year (2002-2012) tenure as president implemented his vision for OCU to be academically excellent and spiritually vibrant and to continue to prepare young people for effective service to God and to their fellow man.

Under O'Neal's leadership -- with the support of a talented and dedicated staff and faculty -- Oklahoma Christian has reduced operating expenses, increased academic support, added 20 faculty, significantly increased the endowment, and set four consecutive undergraduate and graduate enrollment records. The University also launched and completed a comprehensive $34 million student residence building project, remodeled and expanded science lab facilities in Herold Science Hall and Vose Hall, and is completing a highly successful $60 million Higher Learning~Higher Calling fundraising campaign. The heart of the campus has been transformed with the development of the beautiful and functional Lawson Commons, Freede Centennial Tower and McGraw Pavilion.

Before joining Oklahoma Christian, O'Neal served Pepperdine University from 1976 to 2002 as general counsel and vice president for finance and administration and was named vice chancellor in 1991. O'Neal served on the faculty of Harding University from 1974-1976. A CPA, he has also worked with the accounting firms of Coopers & Lybrand; Touche, Ross & Co; and Ernst & Ernst. O'Neal attended Oklahoma Christian from 1964-1966 before completing his degree in accounting and business at Harding University in 1968. He earned his juris doctorate from Stanford University in 1974.

Since moving back to Oklahoma, O'Neal has served on the Board of the Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts and on the Board of Advisers of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the downtown Rotary Club 29 and currently serves on the United Way and Mercy Hospital boards. He is Secretary/Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

O'Neal is a lifelong member of the Church of Christ and has served as an elder, Bible class teacher, song leader, preacher, vocational missionary, ministry leader and building committee chair. O'Neal and his wife, Nancy, live in Oklahoma City.

Director, Strategic Planning

Dr. Agrawal has over 30 years of engineering and business development experience, including a 25-year record of success in the high-tech arena of Silicon Valley where he was responsible for defining and developing six generations of innovative programmable logic device chips for Lattice Semiconductor, Vantis Corporation, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)that generated over $1 Billion in revenue.

Dr. Agrawal served seven years as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Lattice Semiconductor, three years as Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for Vantis Corporation, and 15 years as Senior Fellow and Director of Product Planning for AMD.

Throughout his career he has maintained a strong passion for innovation while being responsible for strategic planning; research and development; understanding customer and market needs; development of innovative, winning product portfolios encompassing product definition and planning from concept to market release; developing product roadmaps, product positioning, and competitive analysis; coordination with engineering, technology, marketing and sales teams, and field application engineers; and interfacing with both domestic and international customers.

Dr. Agrawal maintains 142 US and foreign patents, co-authored a book entitled “High Speed Memory Systems” published by Prentice-Hall in 1983, published over 60 technical papers, was listed in America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, and was named “Inventor of the Year 2000” by the Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Law Association (SVIPLA). He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with Honors from the National Institute of Technology in India, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University, a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from the Leavy School of Business at Santa Clara University.

Director, Waste Conversion Technologies

Mr. Garza’s career spans 34 years of public service working primarily with the Cities of Austin, Texas (COA) and Tucson, Arizona (COT). During this time, he held a number of positions including as director of a community center, housing planner, and budget analyst overseeing the budgets of multiple city departments including Police and Fire. From those positions, he was promoted to management positions of increased responsibility including Capital Improvements Program manager for Parks and Recreation, Acting Director of the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department, Assistant Director for Housing and Community Development.

Working in the aforementioned capacities, Mr. Garza gained experience in program and service budgeting and financial management, development of performance measuring and oversight methods, and business and marketing plans. His experience includes starting from scratch new and complex local government organizations such as the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department and the City of Tucson’s Solid Waste Management Department.

Mr. Garza has over 32 years in public service, more than 19 years of which has been in the area of Solid Waste Management - beginning as Deputy Assistant Director for Solid Waste Services (COA) in Austin, Texas, and culminating in serving as Director of Environmental Services for the City of Tucson, Arizona. During his solid waste management career he has innovated many major program changes, such as the COA’s Pay-As-You-Throw program (which was one of the country’s first variable rate-based fee collection programs) and the shifting of the COT’s program from general fund to fee-based support. Mr. Garza has implemented numerous cost-saving measures including the redesign and revamping of refuse collection programs, material recycling initiatives, and implementation of new federal guidelines for operating sanitary landfills. Under Mr. Garza’s leadership, the City of Tucson’s Environmental Services Department was the first in Arizona to install and operate a gas-to-energy system at the City’s largest landfill to provide electricity to over 4,000 homes

Mr. Garza’s career has been characterized by the ability to meet significant public service challenges through collaborative working relationships, innovative and creative approaches to problem solving, and the willingness to take risks in the implementation of new programs and services.

Mr. Garza holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters of Education from Antioch University.


  • DC Microgrids for village and community electrification

  • Advanced Energy Storage

  • Renewable power generation

Fuel Cells

Micropower utilizes technology, products and systems developed by Group members Æon Technologies, Æon Research, Æon Laboratories,
and Æon Software, as well as those provided by
other technology partners to bring energy-efficient
DC power to the utility industry.